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About us


Meet Billboard Recording Artist, Brian Kent.

How we began...


Really Queen was born out of a dance floor conversation that went something like this:

Brian: “OMG, I love this song!”
Friend: “What is this?”
Brian: “Ummm…Grace Jones”
Friend: “Who is Grace Jones?”
Brian: (Giant eye roll) “REALLY QUEEN?”

It’s becoming ever more evident that the LGBTQ youth does not know our musical herstory huney, so it’s up to us more "enlightened" individuals to pass down the knowledge. Join us for a look at a new artist that helped shape and form our LGBTQ musical history. We’ll hear their music, learn their contributions and hopefully walk away knowing a little bit more about where we came from and why people did so much ecstasy back then. So, "pull up to the bumper baby" and let’s EDUCATE THE CHILDREN!

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